Ducks in a row

Starting anything new needs to have some kind of a plan. You can do anything you put your mind to, but have a plan or your ducks in a row. When you have a plan it is easy to achieve your goal. You have steps to take to finish. This way you don’t get ahead of yourself and stumble and then get frustrated. So don’t jump into a project or life changing decision without working on your ducks and get them in order.

Enjoy every drop

Do you have that special drink that you savor each sip when you have it? To some that is coffee or maybe a soda. Some may have a special drink they can only have once a week as a treat. If only we could look at each day as one of those drinks enjoying every minute as a taste of that drink. The difference is that when you are done with the drink you can pour yourself another, but with life….it is a different story. When our life runs out that is it, we can’t pour another life. Our lives are so much more than a drink. It is a gift that we get to have every day. We need to savor each day from the time we get up (that first sip) to the time we lay down (that last drop). So I challenge you to think of this each time you pour yourself a cup of that drink and think about your Blessings in life.

Let your mind wander

In these times travel is so difficult. In these times though is when we need to get away the most!!! We all just need to use our imaginations more. Let your mind take you where you want to go. Even if it is for just 5 minutes…it is amazing what those minutes can do. Just close your eyes and visualize with all your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? Is there a taste? Can you feel the sun or the cool breeze? Do you smell the ocean air or the clean clear morning air in a forest? Remember to breathe when you do this. Deep slow breathes so you can take it all in. You can go to a different place everyday. We all need to do something to get us through all the craziness. Give it a try and let your mind wander.