Cheers to Life

Life has it’s twists and turns, ups and downs and plenty of changes. I know mine has in the last couple of year. I had a blog site that I kept updated until last year. I moved to a different state and life happened. I did not keep up with my postings and the site kind of fell to the wayside. I am here to say though that I am back and ready to go. I am basically starting from the beginning of blogging again. I am looking forward to getting back on track and share “A little slice of everything”. Please continue to check back and see the changes in my life and see what path I am heading on. My main point on my blog is life is too short. You need to live to the fullest and take every day as the gift that it is. So cheers to life!!!


I am a mom of 9, "Grammy" of 8. I do eCommerce on different platforms. I enjoy people and just about everything I do. I feel you are never to old to hustle.

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