I was born on a Friday which may explain why I just love all the feelings that Friday brings. It isn’t because I don’t enjoy my weekly job, I do but I like what the weekend may bring. Maybe a quick trip to see kids and grandkids or a fun day trip with my hubby. Maybe just spend two quiet days at home and enjoy resting. The top movie was Breakfast at Tiffanys. I do have to admit I have never watched that movie, now I may have to. The top song was Hit the Road Jack. Now that does explain why I don’t do drama well. If you want to bring me into drama you can just hit the road. It was a bit of a trying time in the world but of course I was to young to know. Now it is your turn. Let me know what was going on the day you were born.


Don’t let time sift away. It is easy to do. We don’t realize how the seconds just tick away during the day. If we waste just a second on feeling anger, jealousy or resentment, those are moments we have wasted. We have just let them sift away. Work on your outlook on time. You can choose to live each moment so it can give you a great memory, or you can choose to waste it and gain nothing from it. The choice is yours.

Stepping stones

Change can occur at anytime of life. Some feel that change can be hard, and they can be. It is all in how you look at them. I have had many changes over the years. From divorce, to meeting my second husband, moving to Florida, back to California and now I have moved to Las Vegas. All these changes took thought and courage. All have helped me to grow into a stronger person. Like the seasons, changes will happen in your life. Accept them as stepping stones to growth!!!!

Christmas lights

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to go look at all the lights. To see how each family sets up in their own special way. They all seem so magical. When my kids were little we would drive around and look at lights. There was one neighborhood that encouraged people to get out and walk the block. It was always chilly out so we would all bundle up. I can still hear the laughter from all the kids.
I now do this with my grandkids and still cherish hearing the laughter and seeing the amazement in their eyes as they look at each house. They can see magic in them too. When we walk around the neighborhood everyone is so happy. There are many “Hello” and “Merry Christmas” being said. It doesn’t matter where you came from to see these lights. We are all there for one purpose and that is to see the magic these lights bring.
I do wish that we could capture this all year long. I pray that one day we can…but until then I will enjoy the Christmas season and the magical lights it brings.

Ducks in a row

Starting anything new needs to have some kind of a plan. You can do anything you put your mind to, but have a plan or your ducks in a row. When you have a plan it is easy to achieve your goal. You have steps to take to finish. This way you don’t get ahead of yourself and stumble and then get frustrated. So don’t jump into a project or life changing decision without working on your ducks and get them in order.

Enjoy every drop

Do you have that special drink that you savor each sip when you have it? To some that is coffee or maybe a soda. Some may have a special drink they can only have once a week as a treat. If only we could look at each day as one of those drinks enjoying every minute as a taste of that drink. The difference is that when you are done with the drink you can pour yourself another, but with life….it is a different story. When our life runs out that is it, we can’t pour another life. Our lives are so much more than a drink. It is a gift that we get to have every day. We need to savor each day from the time we get up (that first sip) to the time we lay down (that last drop). So I challenge you to think of this each time you pour yourself a cup of that drink and think about your Blessings in life.

Let your mind wander

In these times travel is so difficult. In these times though is when we need to get away the most!!! We all just need to use our imaginations more. Let your mind take you where you want to go. Even if it is for just 5 minutes…it is amazing what those minutes can do. Just close your eyes and visualize with all your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? Is there a taste? Can you feel the sun or the cool breeze? Do you smell the ocean air or the clean clear morning air in a forest? Remember to breathe when you do this. Deep slow breathes so you can take it all in. You can go to a different place everyday. We all need to do something to get us through all the craziness. Give it a try and let your mind wander.

Making History

We all have been going through a very interesting time these past few months. We are hearing and using words like “quarantine” “social distancing” and  “mitigation”. These terms were only thought of in movies but now they are a reality. I know this has hit many people financially extremely hard and my heart goes out to all of them. I have however tried to look on the bright side of things. I have actually kept in touch with my kids a bit more over Face Time and Zoom. I have seen people be creative and have virtual game nights and one of my sons and daughter in law had a date night. They got all dressed up, had a nice dinner and went dancing all in their own home. These times do call for creativity. It is a time that we need to reach out to others to make sure they are doing OK not just physically but mentally. We need to look at this as an event and we are  right now in the process of making history. It will be taught in schools years from now about how the country had to stop and stay home. Please if you feel an over amount of stress and you need help, reach out to someone. It is not a weakness to seek help, others are not bothered by you reaching out. They are there and want to help you. We will get through this and we get through it together. Hang in there and let’s have those that write about this in the history books, talk about how everyone came together to get through this trying time.

Cheers to Life

Life has it’s twists and turns, ups and downs and plenty of changes. I know mine has in the last couple of year. I had a blog site that I kept updated until last year. I moved to a different state and life happened. I did not keep up with my postings and the site kind of fell to the wayside. I am here to say though that I am back and ready to go. I am basically starting from the beginning of blogging again. I am looking forward to getting back on track and share “A little slice of everything”. Please continue to check back and see the changes in my life and see what path I am heading on. My main point on my blog is life is too short. You need to live to the fullest and take every day as the gift that it is. So cheers to life!!!